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Hot Boat Ropes has recommends the Sand Anchor Tow Line for Personal Water Crafts. Personal Water Crafts have less storage space and our anchors have been designed with that in mind. The Sand Anchor Tow Line has proven to be very popular among Personal Water Craft users. The Sand Anchor Towline use the same quality of our 7/16" Anchor Lines known to Hot Boat Ropes and also doubles as a Tow Line. We combine the Sand Anchor and the Tow Line into one convenient package for ease of use and storage. Just fill the bag with rocks or sand and close it shut and now you have an anchor. How nice is that?

The Sand Anchor Tow Line will hold about 30 pounds of sand or rocks. The bag is made out of a mesh fabric so it will dry quickly and clean up easier than a solid fabric bag.

The SATL includes a Stainless Steel Snap on each end. A buoy with a 15' Anchor Line that can double as a Tow Line. The bag is securely sewn on to the line. The Bag uses HD Velcro to keep it securely closed.

• Custom Lengths are Available •

Colors to Choose From: Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green, Hunter Green, Teal, Turquoise, Light Blue,
Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Lavender, Raspberry, Purple, Burgundy, White, Tan/Gold, Silver, Black, Red-White-Blue

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