Hot Boat Ropes Launches E Commerce Site!

Welcome to our New E Commerce Site!

Some might ask why we have 2 websites for for one line of products? The answer has to do with search engines and how they work with different types of websites. E commerce sites are usually more difficult to perform well with search engines such as Google. Where as, a non E Commerce site built with less complicated code, fewer categories and more information perform better. I call these sites "HTML" sites even though the code is more complex than html. 

Hot Boat is an HTML website and performed well right after launch. Hot Boat will eventually become a performer like the .com counter part. HTML websites are also better for information about products and services, it can be spread out over several pages. E commerce sites are all about selling items and if the product details page is over loaded with information it becomes the reason to leave, to much going on here.

There is much more to all of this but, this is the simple, less boring explanation.

15th Feb 2014

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