What is the strength of your line?

3/8" has approximately 1000 lbs tensile strength. This line is perfect for our Fender Ties, especially on boats with smaller cleats, or mushroom cleats, we also use it for dinghy lines, and our PWC Dock Lines. 7/16" has an approximate tensile strength of 2600 lbs, recommended for boats up to 24 ft. 5/8" line has an approximate tensile strength of 5600 lbs., recommended for boats up to 40 ft. 3/4" line has an approximate tensile strength of 8800 lbs. It is recommended for boats up to 60 ft.

What type of line is it?

We use only 100 % solid braid polypropylene. There is no inner core - it is solid rope. Our line is UV protected and colorfast, it won't fade in the sun, rot, or mildew if put away wet. It will not bleed out on your upholstery. It is guaranteed to remain soft and flexible, plus it floats!

Does it stretch at all?

Yes, approximately 17%. Any line used for boating needs a little give to accommodate for the motion a boat sustains even when tied to a dock, but not so much stretch that your water craft ends up hitting the dock.

What happens after a knot
has been left in the line
for an extended period
of time?

Absolutely nothing, even after the line gets wet, and sun dried numerous times, it is easily untied and returns to its original straight state. Our line has what the industry calls "no rope memory". It therefore will not kink, or knot up.

Why pre-sewn loops?

Because this is a solid braid line, it cannot be woven back into itself. You either have to tie a knot in it, or pre-sew it like we do. We use heavy-duty marine grade webbing, along with special marine grade thread that carries a lifetime warranty. We box the webbing 3 times, sew a X through the box and then sew on our label, boxing it a 4th time for additional strength.

What kind of normal
deterioration can I

If your boat is in a slip all year long, the sun will most likely fade only the lettering on our label. Other than that, the line actually becomes more soft and flexible the longer you use it. Normal care should be taken, especially in a salt-water environment; you should wash or at least thoroughly rinse the lines off monthly. These lines are machine washable. Simply put them in a laundry bag, wash with soap in your machine, then air dry.

Do your lines really

Yes, our dock lines, dock tight, and fender ties float. On any of our lines that have stainless steel hardware, the line itself will float, but the hardware will weight down the ends that it is sewn onto. Depending upon the length of line and depth of water, because the line will try to float, it is much easier to retrieve.

What if I need a line not
listed in your catalog?

Please call us, we are the manufacturers of Hot Ropes, and can therefore make any length or configuration that you need. Our experienced staff will be happy to quote custom lines, or answer any of your questions.

All of our lines are made in the United States.

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